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Don’t get us wrong, we like sipping hot cocoa and watching movie marathons from the comfort of our couch—especially with the holidays coming up. But there’s a time for that. Right now, with all of this powder dumping, it’s time to get outside! 

When it snows like this, an ordinary town shuts down, but Aspen Snowmass is anything but ordinary. Snow drifts won’t keep the town quiet. The snow brings in visitors. The promise of powder pulls winter adventurers from all over the world to experience Aspen Snowmass. The streets come alive with skiers and snowboarders making their way to the mountains. They are called to the slopes. They go to express themselves in every turn, every jump and every tree trail. They are driven by the balance of beauty and adrenaline. 

Now it’s time to claim your moment this winter. The mountains are waiting for you under inches (maybe even feet) of powder. With unrivaled terrain and this incredible gift from mother nature, your skiing adventure will know no limits. Come and join us on the slopes. Find peace on the mountain. Recharge as you take in the beauty of the Maroon Bells, as you experience world class dining and lodging, and as you ski like you’ve never skied before. 

Take advantage of this perfect holiday winter weather and get out here while you can. Snow is temporary but you can still make memories that last a lifetime. The mountains are inviting you to play, recharge and revitalize your mind, body and spirit. Come and experience Aspen Snowmass.