With the exception of [R129R, Deer Valley], [R325R, Powder Mountain], and [R82R, Brighton] (who still use good-old handpunchers to check tickets), resorts along the Wasatch have embraced scanning technology in their ticketing systems. [R404R, Snowbird], [R403R, Snowbasin], and [R462R, The Canyons] have bar-coded lift tickets scanned by employees while[R314R, Park City Mountain Resort] (in their fastpass), [R10R, Alta], and [R413R, Solitude] use Smart Card technology and turnstiles. But one thing only Solitude does is sell single ride tickets. Alta used to do it years ago for backcountry skiers who wanted one ride to get to the backcountry gates but that was deleted from the menu.

Solitude's ride ticket is one of the most flexible and affordable ways to enjoy riding a mountain. Let's say you buy a 20-ride ticket (for $124 - just two bucks more than two full-day passes). On an amazing powder day, when you arrive at 9 a.m., you might only have a few or no rides left if you skied hard all day. But you could also use it to ski/ride for several days.

Gotta get to work in the afternoon or pick up the kids from school? Come up on a powder morning, take four epic runs, and you have 16 left. Then, on the next bluebird powder day, you wind up taking 22 runs; well, Solitude's system will only deduct 10 rides maximum. You never lose/use more than 10 rides a day! Now you still have six rides left for a getaway day - hit those last six runs before you leave town. That's three killer days of skiing for the price of one.

The pass is also completely transferable day to day. You won't be able to pass the turnstile and hand the ticket to your buddy behind you, but if he wants to ski with it the next day, he can. Plus, purchase 20 rides or more and receive a free Axess card so you can check your vertical feet skied when you get back home.

This pass is also a great option for local backcountry skiers. Cut 2,000 feet off the approach by taking one or two rides to the top of the mountain and heading out one of the backcountry gates for your day or afternoon. Voile - you're immediately transported right to the heart of the Wasatch without wasting all that energy hiking from the base of the resort. Now you've got the muscles for extra laps in Wolverine Cirque or Silver Fork. The best part is, you still have 18 or 19 rides left to use the next time the backcountry urge hits.

Here are the details on costs:

All Day Ticket: $61

10-Ride Ticket: $63

20+ Ride Ticket: $62/ten rides (purchase in increments of ten rides)

Blank Axess Card: $3