Governor Jon Huntsman Jr's, anticipated proposal to make Utah's liquor laws less silly is drafted and waiting for the legislative session to review it this month (March).

The bill would do three things:

1) Make "private club memberships" optional, so a bar in Park City may or may not charge you about $4 for a three-week pass and they would be called "social clubs" instead of "private clubs." FYI, private clubs serve hard liquor in addition to beer and wine; a tavern serves beer only, and a restaurant can serve anything with a full liquor license but if you drink there, you must "have the intent to dine", and that rule doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

2) The new law will prohibit a minor from sitting at a bar in a restaurant, but the restaurant could serve alcohol at or across the bar to adults. Right now, you have to be seated at a table.

3) The last component would require establishments to electronically scan IDs of all who look under 30 years old.

The Utah Hospitality Association is behind the bill says the Park Record. Bill Malone, executive director of the Park City Chamber/Bureau, told the newspaper his organization has supported the measures in the bill "for some time now," specifically the end of private club memberships.

It's expected the bill will face a battle from Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Utah who thinks that minors watching alcohol pass across a bar will be more liable to drink themselves.

More information on the governor's bill (HB 347) is online.