Mamafest: Ride for the Cure will be hitting the halfpipe at Summit Central at the [R466R, Summit at Snoqualmie] Saturday, March 14, after a one-year hiatus.

This annual promotion to raise awareness among young riders and to help find a cure for breast cancer is a three-in-one production: You've got your ski and snowboard jam session; you've your live music stage (a little reggae anyone?), and you've got your fundraising drive.

Mamafest has generated more than $76,000 for the cause over the past eight years, with the funds being targeted for the University of Washington's Medical Genetics Clinic.

Money is raised by several means, the most tried method being the good, old pledge drive. To encourage people to round up pledges, Mamafest will be handing out brand new snowboards to the top three fundraisers, with the next group of money raisers getting lesser prizes. Anyone collects more than $100 gets a cool Mamafest sweatshirt.

Mamafest also welcomes private and corporate donations, and they sure can use volunteers to help out on the day of the event.

Go online for more detailed information, or log on to the resort's Web site for their perspective on Mamafest: Ride for the Cure 2009.