The [R201R, Kirkwood] Ski Education Foundation is the fundraising arm for the Kirkwood Ski Team, a nonprofit organization that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for young athletes through skiing and snowboarding.

One of the methods KSEF generates money is holding regular raffles. You pay your five bucks and you get a chance to score some swell stuff, like skis, boards, clothing, lessons and other goodies.

That's the easy way to donate to KSEF.

A tougher, albeit more fun, way, is to take part in the Head2Head Ski Challenge that takes place on the weekend of March 28-29.

The event is open to all ski racers, adults and kids (ages 6-18), men and women, seasoned veterans, and gapers.

It doesn't who you are or how well you ski: The event organizers will create teams based on time trial results, and those teams - As, Bs, Cs, etc - will compete against each other (the racers within the teams will be handicapped to level the playing field even further).

The team with the most head-to-head victories wins whatever Kirkwood decides to put up as the grand prize. Being the Wood, you know it will be something cool.

Entry fees are $200 per adult and $50 per child, and the cost gets you two days of racing, and a Saturday night auction dinner (lift tickets will be sold at a discount).

Contact Molly Curtiss at or call 209-258-7275 to register or for more information.