[R368R, Lake Louise] fans can now get an insider look at the inner workings of the Banff National Park ski resort. Chris Moseley, mountain operations supervisor for the resort, now pens a blog called the Lake Louise Lowdown that lets skiers and riders see what goes on behind the scenes.

Moseley, who started working at Lake Louise in 1996 for the ski patrol, moved into the operations supervisor position in summer 2008. His patrolling background gives him the know-how to explain the intricacies of avalanche bombing or the snow pack, for example.

The blog not only updates skiers and riders on anticipated terrain openings, which for some of Lake Louise's upper wind-scoured slopes, can occur into late winter. It also includes the scoop on snow pack stability, which is of particular concern this year. Moseley blames "nutty weather," the combination of "long cold snaps, huge dumps, hot temperatures, and extreme winds."

Moseley also gives locals drooling to drop into the H Gully of Whitehorn II, for instance, a detailed look into the steps needed to open the couloir-avalanche forecasting, bombing, and snowcat work. One blog even walks through a practice burial for Cholo, the resort's new avalanche dog.

Photos that only insiders can get accompany the blog. Shots of the slopes from a helicopter during avalanche bombing and from under the snow during avalanche dog rescue lend a unique perspective.