[R2R, Afton Alps], one of the largest ski areas near the Twin Cities, will be celebrating the longer daylight hours and warmer temps with its Spring Fling Saturday, March 14. It promises to be a lot of fun for the entire family.

Events include an obstacle course race, treasure hunt, water skipping (otherwise known as the slush pit), and a bikini race. Those Minnesota girls are tough. There will be an ice bar on the deck for the adults, which hopefully will be a good place to watch the bikini race. Live entertainment will be provided by the Delcounts rocking to that old time rock 'n roll. NASTAR races will be taking place in the afternoon. You can get more a complete list of events and times online.

There will be Dough in the Snow especially for the kids, which is real money buried in the snow on the slopes. "The little sand shovels you find on the beach would be perfect for digging up the money," says Afton spokesperson Tom Atherton.

Rock & Ride with the final qualifier for GromFest with skis, snowboards, and a limo ride to the Velocity Sports Center Party and T-Wolves tickets going to the top dog, and an Open Rail Jam with lots of swag also will be taking place.