It's been a great season at [R69R, Boston Mills]/[R75R, Brandywine], but the end is coming soon. BMBW will be holding its Winter Carnival on Saturday, March 14 to celebrate the end of the season. Filled with events and competitions that will appeal to a wide audience, it promises to be as much fun for spectators as participants.

A complete list of events gives an idea of what you can expect. A couple of last year's more unusual competitions were The Firehose Race and Garbage Bag Race. The Firehose Race requires teams of four to ski/snowboard through a very gentle slalom course holding a firehose. Drop it and you're out. In the Garbage Bag Race you must get down the hill using only a garbage bag; no skis, snowboards, or feet can be used.

There was also a freestyle mogul competition and, of course, rail jams. A couple of the better spectator events were the Bikini Race and the Slosh Pit.

The costume contest goes on all day. You will be given an invitation during the day if your costume is good enough to be included in the Best Dressed competition later that afternoon. Audience applause decides the winner.

You can log on for complete details of times and events. The season may be winding down, but the skiing and riding are still great; especially with warmer temps and longer days.