[R160R, Great Divide] aims get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of skiing leprechauns. Skiers, outfitted in green vests and leprechaun hats, will attempt to set the record March 13, the last evening of night skiing for the season.

"We only need one skiing leprechaun to set the record," owner Kevin Taylor told OnTheSnow.com. "But we're shooting for 100 or so."

Skiing leprechauns plan to load the lift to the top once night skiing finishes. The green-suited Irish will ski down the hill around 9:30 p.m. in a torchlight parade while fireworks zip into the sky.

The attempt to set the world record is part of a fundraiser for Eagle Mount Helena, an organization that provides adaptive recreation programs, including skiing, for individuals of all ages with disabilities. The cost to enter is $99 per family, $29 for adults, and $24 for students. Entry fees include night skiing tickets and a leprechaun suit. Registration is available online.

The leprechaun parade ends at the lodge, where a band will play that night for the party, a prelude to St. Paddy's Day Mar. 17. The party celebrates the end of the night skiing season, even though the ski hill remains open in to April. "It's just something else for the participants," added Taylor. "You know what leprechauns do after a hard day at work."