[R191R, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort] changed its dog policy at its Nordic center last month to admit those skiers who like to exercise their dogs on cross-country trails. Dogs are now permitted on one loop of the 17-kilometer groomed system, but must wear photo season passes, just like skiers.

Dogs are now permitted on the Bronco Trail - the one shaped like the old Jackson Hole bucking bronco with rider logo. They also are allowed on the access trails to get to and from the bronco's feet, but canines are still banned from Thunder Woods, Saratoga, Moraines, and Snake River Loop trails. Owners are asked to pick up after their dogs.

Fido and Fifi may only accompany season passholders. Those needing a season pass just for Nordic skiing may purchase one for $35 for the remainder of the season.

Picture passes for pooches cost $10 for the first dog and $5 for each additional dog. The ticket office, however, does not want to see any dogs in person for photos. Owners must e-mail a photo of their furry friend to the office (seasonpass@jacksonhole.com) and pick up the passes for the pooch from the office while the dog is left in the car.

The Nordic trails at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are groomed daily for both skate and classic skiing. Daily grooming ensures that dog pockmarks are erased each day from the trails.