Powder, powder everywhere and skinny skis to test. Oh, the problems we have!

Testers tackled the Frontside carvers category in addition to All-Mountain Front off the bat on a stormy first day with more snow in the forecast. While waste widths that measure 84 mm and below for Frontside and between 85–95 mm in the All-Mountain Front (AMF) department may not be ideal in these increasingly deepening conditions, our team of pros knew exactly where to go and what to do to give these cruiser categories their fair shake. Even if that meant being led not into powder temptation when on the narrowest Frontside waist widths for which floatation isn't factored into the overall score.  

On the All-Mountain Front front, where powder and off-piste are well within dabbling distance, testers had the opportunity to appreciate the versatility of these skis while simultaneously saving up a little somethin' for the legit powder day looming ahead.