After a week chocked full of fluffy wonderfulness, the heavens are gearing to open up and bless Snowmass yet again. This week has big potential to deliver multiplier-effect pow days where each turn’s deeper than the one before it. No need to believe us, check any forecast you can get your hands on for corroboration.

The storms are a’coming, and they’re a’gonna rule, and if you don’t get out here and ski ‘em up than some other bunch is bound to beat you to it. The time to plan for the weekend is now, and the only acceptable plan is one that starts with your feet in the freshies. Our lodging is 95 percent ski-in/ski-out. This takes time that could be squandered on preparatory tedium and turns it into sweet sweet slumber that’ll keep your batteries fresh for the long day ahead. Come nightfall, you can take unwinding as seriously as you took the hill, because the day after and that day’s day-after promise to deliver more of the same, so you’d best be ready.

Skipping out could ruin your whole weekend, because there’s nothing worse than the regret of knowing what you’re missing when you were given plenty of notice. Why not tell your friends, and put the pressure on them by paying forward a few I told you so’s? There’s only one thing to do when there’s this much powder, which just so happens to be the very thing that you most want to do. On the off chance that big pow and plenty of it is not incentive enough, kids ski for free with a minimum reservation of three days. Happy kids make for happy parents, which makes for happy turns, which makes for Monday morning heroics around the office water cooler.

There is a time and a place for everything. If you don’t think a week of storms is the time to ski then there’s not much we can do to help you. You know you want it. Now come and get it.

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