The Place: 

Mammoth, California

The Time: 

March, 2015

The Temp: 

50+ Fahrenheit

What we Thought: 

> Style: Before the season began, some questioned whether this style and its bright colors were too bold. In a resort environment, you'll definitely stand out from the more muted blacks, greys and blues that grace the slopes. So the real question is whether you think you'll be able to ski to the visibility that this jacket entails.

> Comfort: A favorite is oversized cuffs, largely designed for the mountaineers that are more likely to wear Millet's product line. Another nice detail is the brand name stitched into the Velcro, which sets this jacket's design a step ahead of many competitors. Other compliments included the uniqueness of the half red and half blue zipper, which meshed in perfect harmony when this jacket is zipped to the chin. 

> Performance: Among all the performance-focused shells that we tested this season, Millet's Trilogy became a favorite, and one that never let us down, no matter the conditions.