The Place: 

Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Time: 

January 2015

The Temp: 

20-35 degrees

What we Thought: 

> Style: With limited color options, Patagonia didn’t offer a scheme to suit every skier. However, the Pow Slayer kit (pictured 2nd from right above) colors are generally appealing, though the pants sparked much debate over whether it was mustard yellow or lime green (“folios green,” according to Patagonia).

> Comfort: Categorically, both pieces are baggy/relaxed. I ended up downsizing both the jacket and bibs to get a better fit.

> Performance: How much pow did I actually slay in this kit, you might ask? To be honest, very little, mostly due to my own missed opportunities and I-70 traffic misery. While I felt like I neglected this namesake, that didn’t stop the PowSlayer kit from becoming a fundamental piece of my winter 14/15 setup.