The Place: 

Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana

The Time: 

January, 2015

The Temp: 

20-35 degrees

What we Thought: 

> Style: The Oakley Flight Decks command immediate attention from fellow passholders to ski patrollers. You’ll fight off friends—both men and women—who want to try them out. Despite the goggles looking huge next to a traditional pair, the eye-catching reflective lens tints with blue, green and purple, adding color to complement your wardrobe. 

> Comfort: A low-profile frame makes the goggles snuggle in to helmets, even old school ones. The frame conforms to the face and helmet without gaps that admit cold air. Despite the large lens size, the goggles sit comfortably on the nose bridge without pressing down. No need to fear the red goggle circles from improper fitting when you walk into après. 

> Performance: With wide viewing, the goggles really perform, allowing for peripheral vision to pick up someone whipping up alongside. Inhibiting harmful rays, the lens requires no squinting in low-angled winter sun. Triple layers of foam and moisture-wicking polar fleece lining keep fogging at bay and the fit comfortable while the strap’s silicone lining prevents slippage on the helmet.