If you gathered at the top of Primetime run at [R350R, Schweitzer] Thursday, Feb. 5, just minutes before 10 a.m., you would have found a flurry of skiers busting a move to get up there. Some would be trickling in late because they were out getting in as many turns as possible, and some would be having their morning cup of "Joe" out of a plastic flask. All of them would be laughing and chatting high spiritedly like a group from Schweitzer's College Daze.

If you were to wait, however, until the helmets and goggles came off, revealing silver strands and seasoned smiles, you would immediately find that these were not college students at all. None of them was under the age of 55. Despite their seniority, however, they were certainly a prime example of youth in spirit.

Schweitzer dedicated their Primetime run to Schweitzer's Prime Timers, a 55-and-over ski club of nearly 100 members, that first debuted on Schweitzer in the winter of '89-‘90.

"I just want say how grateful and appreciative we are of Schweitzer for naming a run in our honor," said Bill Brills, President of the Schweitzer Prime Timers. "We love Schweitzer and hopefully they love us.,"

The dedication came after 19 years of die-hard loyalty and love this group has shown for Schweitzer, and, according to Tom Chasse, CEO of Schweitzer, "They are part of the Schweitzer family." The Primetimers have been huge advocates for Schweitzer for almost 20 years. The trail dedication was an acknowledgment for the group's ongoing support of Schweitzer and the Sandpoint community, Chasse said.

Primetime is an intermediate run accessed by the Basin Express, located to skier's left of Midway, Starfish and Lower Sam's Alley. Visit Schweitzer Prime Timers Web site for more information or to become a member.