A new start-up business in [R314R, Park City] is stirring up buzz by offering something you might not even find at home: baby gear. Baby with Altitude will provide high-end, high-quality, high-safety baby gear for families coming to Park City who don't want to skimp on junior.

Not for the frugal, BWA has top quality gear they'll deliver, set up, and pick up at your lodging. This is key since most property management companies will actually charge you if you purchase the items yourself, then ditch them on departure. BWA will go out of their way to find you exactly what you need while on vacation so you don't have to shop or trust that a hotel will have what you need (i.e., a stroller). BWA has everything from cribs and bedding to baby gates and toys.

"People are looking for the items they have at home that they can't live without, even if they are on vacation," said owner Jennifer Sinclair. "My customers are very concerned with safety, quality, comfort, and service. One customer wanted to rent an exersaucer for her son but it was rented out. So she asked if I could buy one for her, she would pay for it and leave it when she was done. Of course, I accommodated her!"

Sinclair, a long-time Parkite, also will be your encyclopedia of all things local. "I want to help make their vacation more enjoyable for everyone," she said, and that includes the little ones. Call 435-647-5888, or go online for more information.