We tested a wide variety of styles and materials, further fanning the perennial battle of gloves vs. mittens. On the men’s side, our preference is the versatility of a liner within a glove. 

Another interesting trend worth noting: on-demand heat technology. This effectively replaces the need for disposable hand warmers, as long as you’re able to remember to recharge the batteries before you head to the hill. We found the level and distribution of heat to vary by manufacturer, and the best choice may depend on whether you get coldest in your fingers, palm or back of your hand. What we can’t weigh in on: how long the batteries (some are built-in) will last after seasons of heavy use.

Regardless of your personal preference, we’re sure you’ll find something here that’ll make a worthy addition to your gear bag. Check out all of our Editors' Choice men's gloves and mittens by clicking through the linked stories at the bottom right of each page and see the full details for each product by clicking FULL REVIEW.