Ski videos are rarely short of breathtaking scenary, abundant powder and fresh tricks, but one potent ingredient has been missing from the spotlight for too long—female athletes. This season, Unicorn Picnic Productions is flipping the script on the traditional ski movies with Pretty Faces, a film that truly celebrates women who thrive in the snow.

Concepted by professional big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer and crowd-funded with the help of snow lovers on Kickstarter, Pretty Faces aims to inspire young female skiers and riders to follow their dreams, aspire to their fullest potential and prove to the world that chicks can rip. 

Featuring: Rachael Burks, Lynsey Dyer, Ingrid Backstrom, Elyse Saugstad, Angel Collinson, Nadia Samer, Lexi Dupont, Louise Lintilhac, Jacqui Edgerly, Suzanne Graham, Tatum Monod, Izzy Lynch, Leah Evans, Kristen Ulmer, Wendy Fisher, Devin Logan and many more.