It was Shakespeare who said "all the world's a stage," but somewhere along the line, some skier must have called it a playground. Our guess: it was one of the stars of Level 1's 15th annual movie Less. The 2014 "ski motion picture" is packed with classic antics, a killer soundtrack and of course, some of the slickest moves you'll see all season. From sessioning jungle gyms and stair sets to gapping lift stations at Schweitzer, this film is proof that less can often be more.

Featuring: Magnus Granér, LSM, Will Berman, Duncan Adams, Sig Tveit, Adam Delorme, Tim McChesney, Wiley Miller, Khai Krepela, Will Wesson, Sandy Boville, Shay Lee, Tanner Rainville, LJ Strenio, Banks Gilberti, Logan Imlach, Tatum Monod, Superunknown XI and friends.