This week is sunny and warm across the region with most mountains reporting high temperatures in the 50s. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that winter is over, because more snow is on the way. 

One storm will move through British Columbia on Thursday and Friday, and then slowly make its way through Montana, Wyoming and Colorado on Saturday and Sunday. Along the way, over a foot of snow is likely in northern British Columbia, with 3-6" through Montana and Wyoming, and likely up to 12" in the eastern mountains of Colorado on Sunday. 

If you’re still skiing, I bet you’ll have the slopes to yourself as much of the population moves to warm weather sports. Indeed spring can offer the best powder days because there are fewer people on the slopes! 

After a dry day on Monday, the next storm will likely take a more west-to-east path across the Rockies during the middle of next week, around April 15–17. This storm has the potential to drop 6" or more on the states of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Yes, there could be another midweek powder day coming up!