The big story over the next few days will be the cold air. Temperatures will struggle to get out of the single digits and into the teens on the higher peaks of Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Maine. To put this in perspective, these readings are 15-20 degrees below average for this time of year. 

While cold air is a good thing and will help resorts to maintain a quality snow surface, there’s not substitute for natural snowfall. So when will the next significant storm arrive? 

Unfortunately, not this week. A series of weak storms will move across the region through the weekend, and snow showers could add up to a few inches with each system. However, none of these waves of energy will force the atmosphere to give up many snowflakes. 

That will change next week, however, as a stronger storm moves through the mid-Atlantic region on Monday into Tuesday. The current forecasts show the highest snow totals in southern New England and the mid-Atlantic, but the forecast will undoubtedly change, so stay tuned for updates. 

And after this storm next Monday/Tuesday, additional significant storms will likely bring precipitation to the east coast through the middle of March. To wrap this up, the 5-10+ day forecast will be far more active than the 1-5 day forecast. 

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of