It’s hard to talk about the “west coast” as one entity, because the weather over the last week has split the coast in half.

Up north, areas from Mt. Hood, Oregon to Washington State and British Columbia have seen more than 100" of snow over the past 7-10 days. It’s been an incredible series of storms, and reports from this area are documenting many smiling faces after a very slow and snowless start to the season.

Down south, California has just missed the series of storms and has been mostly dry for the last 10 days. But don’t worry, because the forecast is going to make everyone smile.

Once we make it through the next 5-7 days of dry weather along the entire coast (except maybe a bit more snow for Washington and British Columbia), the storm train will pull into the station and it won’t be going anywhere for a while.

The first in a series of storms will likely hit Tahoe on or around Thursday, February 27, and then multiple storms will bring feet of powder from California northward to Washington through at least the first few days of March. I have no confidence in a forecast over 10 days, but the long-range weather models show that this stormy pattern for the west coast may continue into the first or second week of March. If that happens, we might see fantastic conditions return to California and the entire west coast.

Joel Gratz is a meteorologist and the creator of