There are four parts to the weather pattern over the next week, and three of them are good news!

Part one is a storm moving through the area Wednesday night through Thursday morning. This will drop a quick 6" for most areas in Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Thursday morning's first chair will be fun!

Part two is a series of weak storms that will keep snow in the air from Thursday night through Monday night. This snow will favor northern Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, bringing light snowfall. Even though single-day totals might not be that large, the cumulative totals over a few days could make for great skiing.

Part three is a few days of dry weather from Monday night through Wednesday night. Think of it as a break for your legs. 

And part four is a return to snowy weather starting about Thursday or Friday, February 27-28, and lasting through at least the first weekend in March.

Most of the Rockies have over 100 percent of average snowfall so far this season, with the exception of Arizona and New Mexico. The storms over the next two weeks will add to these numbers, and might even pull the southern mountains closer to average by mid March.

Joel Gratz is a meteorologist and the creator of