The good news keeps coming, as the central and northern Rockies will continue to see heavy snowfall for the next week.

Since the start of February, more than four feet of snow has fallen at many mountains in Utah and Colorado as two “atmospheric rivers” of moisture moved over the area from the Pacific Ocean.

During the next week, a third “atmospheric river” will direct its moisture just a bit further north and will target Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, northern Utah and northern Colorado. Since moisture is the fuel that creates snow, and moisture will be near record levels for the northern Rockies, snowfall will be measured in feet by the end of Presidents’ Day weekend. The one caveat is that temperatures will be a bit warmer than average, so the snow might be a bit thicker than the powder that you’re used to in the Rockies. Still, snow is snow, and there will be a lot of it!

There will likely be a brief break in the flakes on Monday and Tuesday, February 17-18, but then a stronger, colder storm will drop south from Canada and deliver another one to three days of snowfall to the Rockies from February 19-21.

By about February 21, most mountain areas from Colorado and Utah and north to Canada should be sitting at or above 100% of average snowfall for the season. You can’t ask for much more than that!

Joel Gratz is a meteorologist and the creator of