It’s been consistently cold for the last week, and similar temperatures should continue for at least the next 10+ days.

Snow conditions in New England can be fantastic, but the region’s downfall is often a lack of consistency. Sometimes, in the middle of a stretch of cool and snowy weather, it warms up for a day and rain falls.

Fortunately, we’ve thrown this inconsistency away over the last week as temperatures have been cold with no big warm-ups. The best news is that the forecast through early February shows a continuation of this weather, with cold temperatures and chances for snow every few days.

The next storm will push through on Saturday with 2-5" likely for most areas. After a brief break, another storm will move in on Sunday night through Monday with the chance for more significant accumulations of about 4-7".

Now that the February 2nd Super Bowl is within range of the weather models, I spent some time looking at the forecasts for the big game. While I’m not certain if there will be snow around New York city that weekend, I have pretty good confidence that temperatures will be at least chilly, and perhaps even cold for the game. I don’t know which team that favors, but it certainly favors good snow conditions for skiers and riders!

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of