What a tease. Again. New England just can’t get a consistent stretch of cold, snowy weather without a thaw interrupting the fun.

Over the last week this area has seen frigid temperatures of -10 to -20 F with the much talked about “Polar Vortex” swinging through. Don’t worry, the Polar Vortex is not a harbinger of weather that’s portrayed in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” but it does make for some very cold days.

Just as quickly as the cold air moved in, though, warmer air will replace it.

For example, highs at Killington on Thursday will be about 15 degrees, then warm to 30 degrees on Friday, and will increase further into the 40s on Saturday and Sunday with rain likely. Yes, the dreaded “r” word is in the forecast for the weekend, all the way from the coast northward into Canada.

Cooler air will return next week with high temperatures in the 30s. With these “luke cold” readings through the middle of January, the precipitation type will be on the fence between rain and snow with each new storm. Hmm… maybe the Polar Vortex wasn’t so bad after all!

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of OpenSnow.com.