The forecast for the northeast is a good one with continued cold temperatures and multiple storms on the horizon. After the rain a week ago, this is great news and most resorts should be back in tip-top shape very soon. 

The first storm will move through on Thursday night and Friday. I have high confidence that much of New England will see accumulating snowfall during this time. The big question is whether this snowfall will be more moderate with accumulations of about 6" or heavier with accumulations up to or over a foot. The European model is going for the second option with a stronger storm, but the other models are not agreeing. No matter, the skiing on Friday should be excellent! 

The second storm might take shape early next week. Again, the models are not agreeing on the details, but there is reason for optimism since multiple models are jumping on the second-storm bandwagon. 

The winter weather in the Northeast can be fickle, with cold weather and snow one week and then warmer weather and rain the next. So when we can put multi-week stretches together of winter conditions and great skiing, it’s time to be grateful and enjoy it! 

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of