The lack of snow on the west coast is frustrating for you as a skier or rider, and it’s also frustrating for myself as a meteorologist. I want to forecast snow and interesting weather; weeks to months of mostly dry weather is not a fun message to share.

Unfortunately I don’t see any sure signs of a pattern change over the next week. The ridge of high pressure will stay anchored off the coast, deflecting storms to the north into Canada. The exception to this will be on Thursday and Friday of this week as a storm will drop far enough south to bring snow to southern British Columbia and Washington State, with up to a foot possible.

The first sign of hope for a large-scale change to the weather pattern is a storm late next week, around January 9th, plus or minus a day. Both the American and European weather models show this storm, and with this agreement I can increase the confidence of my forecast.

It’s too far out to know what type of accumulations we might expect, but anything would be great for Tahoe north to Oregon and Washington. This might finally be the storm to bust down the ridge of high pressure and return us to stormier times.

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of