The unfortunate snow drought will continue along the west coast from California north to Oregon and Washington. These areas have about 30-50 percent of their average snowpack for this time of year, and I don’t see any storms over the next 7-10 days that will change this situation.

One area of the west coast that will see snowfall is British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. The large high pressure west of California is blocking storms from hitting the U.S. and is pushing the moisture and energy northward into Canada. Consistent snow has fallen over the northern interior regions from Revelsoke north to Prince George and Jasper with about 12-20" over the last 10-15 days. Looking forward, the most snow is likely to fall for this area in the few days after Christmas, the last day or two of 2013, and the first day or two of 2014. There are some ski areas in this region to enjoy, such as Revelstoke, and there are also many cat skiing and heli skiing options.

If you’re jonesing for powder along the west coast, your best and only bet will be to travel north to British Columbia and Alberta. So get your passport ready and enjoy ringing in the New Year from north of the border.

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of