Conditions in New England are much warmer this week than one week ago when temperatures were near zero degrees following the day-before-Thanksgiving storm. Despite the warming, some cold air is still trapped in the valleys. This leads to clouds and fog below about 2,000 feet while mountain summits are bathed in sunshine.

The weather outlook for the next week is OK. I don’t see any times of extreme warmth, though I also don’t see any periods of consistent cold and snow.

The first of two storms to move through in the next week will arrive on Thursday and last into Friday. Some light to moderate rain is likely at times, but it shouldn’t be a washout. Temperatures cool on Saturday and Sunday before warming a bit on Monday as the next system comes through.

I’m hopeful that temperatures during the Monday storm will hover around freezing for most areas, so the precipitation will fall as snow or mixed snow and ice and not change over to rain. This looks likely for northern New England, though central areas are more on the fence as far as temperatures are concerned. 

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of