The day-before-Thanksgiving storm had the potential to be a great one for the Northeast. If the storm tracked just 50-100 miles further east, all ski areas in the region would have seen great snowfall with the higher mountains easily picking up over a foot of powder. Unfortunately, the weather gods were not on the skier’s side for this storm, and with an inland storm track, most ski areas saw warm air and rain fall on their slopes. A few locations in northern New York and western New York and Pennsylvania dodged most of the rain, but this was the exception.

The good news is that record cold temperatures will settle over the region on Thanksgiving Day and will last through the weekend. Snowmakers will be able to operate 24 hours a day for at least two-three days with overnight temperatures plunging below zero and daytime highs only in the teens and lower 20s. This will help resorts recover from the rain, and heading into December most areas will be in a stronger position with terrain than they were before the storm.

There doesn’t appear to be any strong storms on the horizon, though another coastal storm might clip eastern and northern New England around December 3rd or 4th.

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of