Hochfügen offers off-piste skiers a wide range of courses for all age and ability levels. Proper preparation and training are pre-requisites. The offer ranges from 1 to 2-day taster courses for freeriding beginners to freeriding tours for all ability levels, multi-day freeride camps, special avalanche camps, school avalanche courses, preparation courses for heli skiers, training sessions in the avalanche search area and workshops for young people and freeriding professionals. Booking options and individual formats at the Freeride Point Hochfügen alongside the 8erJet. The team can be contacted by email at  freeridepoint@hochfuegenski.com or by telephone on +43 660 140 22 29.


Freeriding tours for beginners and experienced skiers

Local state certified ski instructors and guides will demonstrate the correct technique and top spots for beginners both in Hochfügen and the surrounding area as well as presenting the ideal lines for experienced skiers. They also teach early risk identification from the tour planning process to stepping onto the slopes. Individual and group tours can be booked at any time at the Freeride Point Hochfügen alongside the 8erJet. 

Training sessions in the Mammut avalanche search area 

All freeriders and tour skiers should be able to launch a professional avalanche rescue search. Professional handling of emergency equipment and fast and effective searching can save the lives of others. At the avalanche search area by the 8erJet mountain station, course participants are taught the correct procedure to follow step-by-step in the event of an avalanche occurring with casualties. Simulated individual and multiple avalanche situations are used to test proper handling of avalanche devices and navigation using an avalanche probe. Visitors wishing to perfect their avalanche search and rescue skills can also book private training sessions. Sessions should be booked at the Freeride Point Hochfügen alongside the 8erJet.

SAAC Snow & Avalanche Awareness Camps and 2nd Stepp Camp

SAAC Snow & Avalanche Awareness Camps are free 2-day avalanche camps with background information and practical exercises for off-piste fans. In Hochfügen, 2 Basic Camps will take place from 21 to 22 December 2013 and from 5 to 6 April 2014. An SAAC Snow & Avalanche Awareness Camp will take place on the afternoon of the first day with an approx. 3 hour theory component. On the second day, state certified ski and mountain guides will take small groups out into the off-piste area. All skiers and snowboarders aged 14 and over with suitable knowledge of off-piste skiing can take part in a SAAC Snow & Avalanche Awareness Camp – registration in good time required. A SAACnd Step Camp will also take place from 6 to 9 April. These are development camps which build on the knowledge acquired during the Basic Camp. Previous participation in a Basic Camp is advised but not essential. Register at www.saac.at.

Avalanche training courses for schools in the Tyrolean Unterland region

From December 2013 to March 2014, school pupils from the Tyrolean Unterland will be undertaking practical exercises as part of a free avalanche training course in Hochfügen. Teachers at the schools will receive lesson materials, documents for download and further training units. At the practical course in Hochfügen, pupils will be taught by state certified mountain and ski guides. They learn what to look out for in the off-piste area in addition to risk-reducing behaviour and how to use avalanche search devices, probes and shovels in the avalanche search area. 

Line Camp with Freeride World Tour Professional Flo Orley

The Line Camp run by freeridecamps on 14 December 2013 is a 2-day workshop for wannabe freeriding professionals. Participants gain first-hand experience from Hochfügen rider and World Tour skier Flo Orley. The course takes account of personal style and focuses on finding the best line on a face, assessing snow conditions and cliff heights and correctly visualising an individual run. The day is spent out riding in the mountains and the evening focuses on providing detailed knowledge during theory sessions e.g. judging criteria or tips for mental and physical preparation.

Safety Day with ORF Tirol 

The ORF Safety Day will be taking place in Hochfügen at the start of the season on 14 December and will include workshops and practical exercises run by safety experts to provide a wide range of information on the issue of safety on and off the pistes. Participants should register via the ORF regional studio in Tyrol – start of registration not yet announced.

1-day freeriding taster courses 

The popular freeriding taster courses will resume from 4 January and will take place until 26 April 2013. The taster courses start at 11.30 or at 13.00. Registration with the Freeride Point Hochfügen by the Friday before the start of the course. Meeting point before the course: Freeride Point Hochfügen at the 8erJet. 

Sport Scheck Freeride Camps 

The SportScheck mountain & ski school by Vivalpin sets out from Bavaria for freeriding to Hochfügen. During the off-piste and powder snow weeks, guests can explore the freeriding paradise from Thursday til Sunday under the guidance of state certified mountain guides. Avalanche training using avalanche devices in the Hochfügen avalanche search area forms a fixed part of the training. The dates are Sunday 16 to 19 January, 23 to 26 January, 27 February to 02 March, 13 to 16 March and 27 to 30 March. More information and registration atwww.sportscheck.com/freeride.

Junior Camp

The Junior Camp operated by freeridecams will run from 15 March this season and has been designed for young people aged 15 to 18 as an introduction to freeriding. Professionals from the Austrian freeriding scene prepare participants and develop risk-aware skiing skills. They learn about all the factors which contribute to a safe day of off-piste skiing. Plus untouched powder snow slopes, cool cliffs, kickers and riding tips! Participants draw up some backcountry rules together and professionals pass on their knowledge to the youngsters as part of an avalanche report warning session or avalanche airbag test.

Preparation training for heli skiers

At the special Freeride & Heliski Camp, Stumböck travel customers on later Stumböck ski trips receive safety and skiing technique training to offer the perfect preparation for off-piste skiing. The preparation courses will take place at the start of the season from 7 to 8 December, 11 to 15 December, 14 to 18 December, 11 to 15 January and 15 to 19 January in Hochfügen.