A cut-off storm will be nearly stationary over the southern Rockies from Thursday through the weekend. Because these storms are removed from the main west-to-east flow of weather, they can sit for many days and produce heavy snowfall for some areas. Also, because of their slow speed and meandering course, forecasting the exact location of the highest snow accumulations can be extraordinarily difficult.

While much of Utah, Colorado and states to the north will see some snow with 4-8 inch amounts, the deepest snow will fall over southern Colorado, southern Utah, Arizona and New Mexico where more than two feet could be measured by Saturday.

These cut-off storms usually do not bring very cold air, so this will be a warmer storm with higher snow levels. Most of the Rockies resorts are high enough in elevation to stay all snow, but snow levels will be something to watch. The storm will slowly move east on Sunday and Monday, with lingering lighter snow falling across the region. Most of the Thanksgiving week will be dry with a large ridge of high pressure directing storms too far to the north and south to bring appreciable snow.

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of OpenSnow.com.