WINTER PARK, Colo. – With Opening Day just a little over a week away, on November 13, Winter Park Resort is gearing up for 2013/2014 by celebrating the seven distinct territories that combine to form one of Colorado’s premiere vacation destinations, making this winter “The Season of the Seven.”  The territories are comprised of:  Winter Park, Mary Jane, Vasquez Ridge, Parsenn Bowl,  Terrain Park, Eagle Wind, and The Cirque, each individually significant but all integral in building Winter Park Resort into more than you imagine.                 

Each territory has its own unique badge and skiers/riders are encouraged to experience all the territories to gain a true appreciation of what Winter Park Resort has to offer.  The Season of the Seven also includes new signage throughout the mountain, a re-vamped interactive web page, themed specials at Winter Park Resort restaurants, brand-new Season of the Seven apparel, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hats, as well as a new “Cirque Sled” which is pulled by snowcat, giving visitors easier access to The Cirque, where 1,332 acres of spectacular off-piste terrain await.   

After extensive research dating back to June, it was determined that a brand reposition would be ideal to convey Winter Park Resort’s stature as one of the most inclusive, big-mountain experiences in the United States, featuring terrain for all abilities and preferences while obliterating the myth that the resort merely consists of two extremes; the family-friendly Winter Park and the expert-only Mary Jane.    

“A mark of a good brand repositioning is its ability to live as a multi-faceted entity,” said Jodie Silva, Winter Park Resort Vice President, Marketing and Sales.  “This initiative has been a collaborative effort resort-wide.  The Seven Territories are an experience and skiers and riders will be immersed in it with products, services, events and promotional offers across the resort.  Plus, it will evolve and be expanded upon over the years.”


Meet The Seven Territories:
The Winter Park Territory:  Even without an official poll, Winter Park Territory just might be everyone’s favorite part of Colorado’s Favorite® resort.  Known for its groomers, long cruisers, and renowned Ski + Ride School, it’s perfect for families who want to stay together, as well as for those times you just want to escape on your own and tackle a diamond or two.

The Mary Jane Territory:  There’s only one Mary Jane. The legendary lady has been known for her world-class bumps and tree-skiing for generations.  But it’s her laid-back, welcoming atmosphere that keeps you coming back time and again. Long, bumpy, and unabashedly challenging, but with plenty of blues to help you relax when you need to, Mary Jane is the truly authentic Colorado experience that’ll push your limits and make you feel like a local. No matter where you’re from.


The Vasquez Ridge Territory:  Featuring some of the most persistent powder stashes on the mountain, Vasquez Ridge Territory is the very definition of “off the beaten path.” With intermediate and advanced terrain as well as hidden pockets of untouched snow, you can truly get away from it all, except utterly amazing skiing and riding. There’s no escaping that here.


The Parsenn Bowl Territory: Did you expect North America’s highest six-passenger chairlift to ascend to views that aren’t utterly majestic?  Parsenn Bowl is more than breathtaking 360-degree vistas, it’s an intermediate-friendly, high-alpine experience, starting with a wide-open bowl and ending in gorgeous glades more than 1,600 vertical feet below.


The Terrain Park Territory: Terrain Park Territory. Proof that jumps, jibs and rails are truly for everyone. Our entire park system features an 18-foot superpipe and more than 80 other innovative, progressive features that we’re always re-configuring to enhance your, and our own, creativity on the slopes, making our six parks both a home for beginners and a challenging test for experts, but only after earning their way into Dark Territory.


The Eagle Wind Territory:  Named to honor the area’s Native American heritage, Eagle Wind is home to pristine powder, tree and glade skiing, with expert, side country-like terrain winding through a beautiful, challenging forest, making you feel closer to the mountain spirits than perhaps anywhere else at the resort.


The Cirque Territory: Encompassing 1,332 acres of our most extreme, double-black diamond terrain, The Cirque Territory offers the excitement of un-groomed, backcountry skiing and riding within a patrolled area.  Once only accessible by hiking, The Cirque now features the Cirque Sled, new for the 2013/2014 season.  To expert skiers and riders, The Cirque is all the challenge they want and more.


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Located just 67 miles from Denver, Winter Park Resort has been Colorado’s Favorite® resort for generations seeking award-winning terrain including miles of cruising groomers, terrain parks, bumps, steeps, trees, and most definitely deeps. This year, Winter Park celebrates “The Season of the Seven,” by recognizing each of the resort’s seven distinct territories; Winter Park, Mary Jane, Terrain Parks, Vasquez Ridge, Parsenn Bowl, Eagle Wind, and The Cirque!  Winter Park is also the proud home to the renowned National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD). For more information, please visit