Patagonia Freewheeler Gear Bag


The Freewheeler is the perfect bag for carrying all of your ski gear, boots and street clothes for a long weekend ski trip. Patagonia says that it holds a week’s worth of clothing—but they can’t be referring to bulky ski gear and boots. 

The bag features three separate compartments to keep your gear totally organized. The lower compartment is ideal for ski or snowboard boots along with outerwear and maybe an extra pair of shoes. The molded bottom pan keeps the lower compartment contents safe from harm. The main compartment can hold all of your baselayers, midlayers, accessories and the clothes you plan to wear out on the town. The main compartment is separated from the bottom one via a floating baffle—allowing you to expand either the lower or main compartment to fit your needs, such as keeping dirty or wet clothes away from clean ones. Finally, there’s a zippered outside end pocket that’s bigger than it appears. The end pocket is easy to access and can hold a large dopp kit or a helmet with a pair of goggles stuffed inside.

The entire bag is lined in a light grey color—making it easy to find items. A wide base, 80 mm wheels and a sturdy two-position stowable handle makes it a smooth rolling duffel that won’t tip over when upright, no matter how much you pack into it. Check out the Freewheeler if you’re looking for a do-it-all, long-weekend ski bag that can hold up to a week’s worth of clothes when you’re travelling without bulky ski gear.