The SkBoot Bag – Large



The Large SkBoot Bag is much more than just a ski boot bag. This semi-rigid, wheeled bag can carry a pair of ski boots, a helmet, goggles, laptop and more. Dedicated compartments like a laptop sleeve and a faux fur-lined goggle pouch along with a layer of cushioning foam ensure that your most delicate belongings stay safe and sound in the bag. Three external pockets provide quick access to items like gloves, socks and hats.

Besides keeping your belongings safe and organized, the SkBoot Bag also keeps your gear dry and odor-free. A removable “wet pack” is included with the SkBoot. This waterproof bag is perfect to hold your wet ski gear separate from your boots and other equipment that goes into the SkBoot. Two ventilating zippers allow your boots and other equipment in the main compartment to “breathe.”

There are two potential minor drawbacks to the Large SkBoot Bag. First, the telescoping handle on the bag is not as sturdy as what you might find on a rolling duffel bag. Hence, the bag doesn’t take corners that well when you’re hastily moving through the airport. You also can’t count on latching other bags onto the handle. Secondly, while the bag’s size does meet carry-on standards for most airlines, it is not recommended as a carry-on. You would be hard pressed to fit a full Large SkBoot Bag into an overhead compartment or under the seat on most planes.

If your need for a protective, wheeled bag to carry your ski boots, helmet, goggles and more outweigh your desire for a small carry-on ski boot bag—the Large SkBoot Bag is perfect for you.