“Hands down, we have the best glades in the state, if not the world.” That is the biased opinion, of course, of Daren Cole, the General Manager of Powderhorn. Cole says the glades are unique because of Powderhorn’s location. “It’s because of the topography and the way the mountain is laid out and the way the glades have transformed themselves over the years.”

Ski Patrol Director Rondo Buecheler explains that Powderhorn is on one side of the largest flat top mesa in North America. It used to be a lava flow. “The Colorado River has eroded one side and the Gunnison River has eroded the other side and in the middle is the mesa. Where the two rivers meet is Grand Junction.

The leftover lava rocks created big boulder fields on the side of the mesa. “Because we’re in the aspens, we have a lot of open glades that connect a series of boulder fields that come off of the top of the Grand Mesa. It is incredible glade skiing that we have cultivated over the years that connects these boulder field runs. The hidden glades are all around and we dare you to find them.”

Buecheler, who has worked at the mountain for 32 years, also raved about the family atmosphere. “I work here. My kids work here. My grandkids are learning how to ski here. There are a lot of multi-generational families involved in the ski area.”

Cole agrees. “It is very family friendly. You can have your kids here and they can do their own thing. It’s a big sense of community here.” He adds, “Powderhorn is very unique in the fact that a lot of people remember skiing growing up, and that is the way it is at Powderhorn.”

Powderhorn hosts the Telefest March 2-3. The resort also bought all of the terrain park features from Echo Mountain. The mountain has 600 groomed acres and 1000 more ungroomed.

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