Squaw Valley has officially stepped up its terrain park game by opening the 22-foot Super Pipe in Mainline. Squaw currently has 53 features spread across four terrain parks, two half-pipes and a snowcross course. The features range from beginner/mini/learning features, all the way to pro-sized jumps and jibs.

Snow Park Technologies (SPT) is working closely with Squaw’s terrain park crew to develop and maintain top-level parks for all abilities. SPT is responsible for creating courses for the biggest events in the world, such as X-Games and Dew Tour.

Squaw’s Belmont Terrain Park, which has small to medium sized features, is now easier to access from the mountain’s new Big Blue Express located at mid-mountain and a modern rope-tow called The Pulley. Big Blue also gives access to the new 13-foot mini-pipe, as well as the new snowcross course.

Larger features are set in the Gold Coast Terrain Park, which was recently expanded. Here you’ll find a pack of five jumps including step-ups and step-downs, in addition to a ton of jibs. Next to Gold Coast, you’ll find the new 22-foot super pipe on Mainline.

In addition to the terrain parks, Squaw Valley also has two Start Parks (one in the High Camp beginner area and the other in SnoVentures), which include snow sculpted features that help beginner boarders and skiers learn how to link their first turns.

Here’s a look at what Start Parks are all about:

You can expect to see more from Squaw's park crew and SPT throughout the season.