Think the act of skiing is good enough to stay in shape in the middle of the ski season? Think again. Although nothing can replicate actually skiing, hitting the gym midseason can keep you going strong until the end of April. 

OnTheSnow visited U.S. Ski Team athletes Grete Eliassen and Heather McPhie at the state-of-the-art Center of Excellence in Park City, Utah, to build an exercise routine you can do at home or in the gym.

These exercises are simple but highly effective leg, core and upper-body strengtheners that serve as staples of any routine. We'll be adding to this workout throughout the season, so stay tuned for more workouts.  

Check out the exercises below to improve your ski fitness and enhance every moment you spend on the hill this season.



Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts with Grete Eliassen

Swiss Ball Tri-fecta with Grete Eliassen

Chinups with Grete Eliassen

Romanian Deadlifts with Heather McPhie

Partner Glute Hams with Heather McPhie