After a long stretch of such cold weather, it’s hard to believe how warm it just got with this most recent storm. Thankfully, the rain and warm temperatures associated with that storm were quick to come and go, and another round of arctic air is about to settle in for the upcoming week. This time it won’t get quite as cold, but certainly temperatures will be at or below average.

Besides the return to cold weather, the weather pattern will become more active as far as storms are concerned. Although, for the most part any storms that do end up affecting the region will be light to moderate in nature. The first of these storms will move through late in the weekend when a quick moving Alberta Clipper storm moves offshore. As the center of the system moves offshore, it may begin to develop and move up the coast as it does so. On the other hand, the storm may harmlessly head out to sea as it develops, leaving the Northeast high and dry, so to speak. The second potential storm could affect the region around Tuesday of next week. Unfortunately, there is also a chance that this one heads straight out to sea as well.

So, in the end, the next week holds a lot of promise. Temperatures will stay cold, and even better, any precipitation that falls over the region to come in the form that we all really want: powder!

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for