The big story for the first part of the coming week will be the cold. Although the coldest temperatures are already behind us, the arctic air mass already in place will continue to keep temperatures below average for this time of year through the end of the weekend. Most of the region will see highs in the upper teens and lower 20’s until things become more seasonable on Monday.

Although there is plenty of cold air in place right now, there does not look to be much in the way of any snowfall coming. The best possibility for any widespread accumulations will come late in the work week or early in the weekend when a storm moves through the Mid Atlantic region. If that storm hooks up along the coast and intensifies, then at least a portion of the Northeast will see snow. On the other hand, the storm could simply move offshore and head straight out to sea, leaving us high and dry, so to speak. Unfortunately, at this time the latter of those two solutions seems more likely, but there is time for that forecast to change.

Thankfully all the bitterly cold temperatures will allow resorts to make up for the lack of new natural snow with very productive snowmaking operations. The snowmaking season is starting to wrap up for most of the region, so it will be good for resorts to be able to finish up in a strong way so that the season can last as long as possible into the spring.

Certainly don’t let the cold temperatures keep you from venturing out over the next several days. Snow conditions promise to be good, and if we can manage to add some natural snow to the existing base, conditions will be even better. So dress properly, be safe, and get out there and have fun!

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for