Everyone can breath a sigh of relief. The January thaw is over and winter has returned for the foreseeable future. Much more seasonable temperatures have already settled into the region and even colder air will move in for the weekend and then again for early next week. In fact, that push of arctic air early next week will likely bring the coldest temperatures so far this winter. At the very least, this will mean that resorts around the region can fire up their snowmaking systems to refresh the snow surface, add more terrain, and gain back terrain that was lost to the thaw.

Thankfully, along with all the cold air will come a fairly active storm track, although any storms will be rather weak; the first in a series of these weak storms will move through on Thursday, the second on Saturday, and the third on Sunday. Each one will be just a little bit stronger than the previous one. Most of the accumulating snowfall will be limited to the higher elevations, especially on Thursday. Sunday’s storm will be one that will be the most likely to bring light snow all the way down to the lower elevations.

Something to keep an eye on for early next week is the potential for a stronger storm. Some of the long range forecasting models are starting to suggest that a storm will form off the Atlantic coastline and intensify rapidly as it moves northward. Considering that most of the long-range models didn’t show this storm at all a few days ago, and the fact that it’s still several days away means that this one is far from being written in stone. Just something to watch and hope for!

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for OpenSnow.com.