Two words can be used to easily describe the weather pattern over the next week: January Thaw. After several weeks of cold temperatures and good snowfall, above average temperatures and perhaps even some rain will bring an end to that streak of good weather.

Warmer air will quickly surge northward as we head into the end of the work week, thanks to a storm that will move through the Midwest and intensify as it heads northward. High temperatures will generally range from the 50’s in southern portions of the region, to the 40’s in more northern areas and at higher elevations. Temperatures will remain well above seasonal averages as we head into the weekend, and some rain showers associated with the aforementioned storm will push in as well. Unfortunately, temperatures won’t cool down much after the storm passes to our north because a new storm forming over the southeast will continue to reinforce the warmer air. This new storm will also bring the potential for more rain or rain showers on Monday or Tuesday.

Of course, a thaw like this in January is by no means unusual. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the prospect of it any less depressing, especially after such a great start to the winter. Don’t worry though, cold air is still forecasted to make a big comeback around the middle of next week, and there’s still plenty of winter left to recover from this thaw. In the mean time, get out there and enjoy the soft snow conditions that will come along with the warmer temperatures!

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for