As we head into the New Year, the Northeast will do so with lots of new snow across the region. A major storm moved up from the Mid-Atlantic and headed off the coast on Thursday morning. It will then intensify rapidly as it moves along the coastline. Given the track of the storm and the cold air already in place, precipitation will fall as all snow over the majority of the region. On the other hand, areas closer to the coast will see snow quickly change over to plain rain.

Snow fell heavily through the day on Thursday, and will even continue into Friday in some areas, especially in parts of Maine. Winds will also be strong, creating blizzard conditions at times. When all is said and done, expect heavy snow accumulations over a large area. Heaviest accumulations will include the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, the Adirondacks and the Berkshires, where more than a foot of new snow will fall, and locally more than two feet. 

Perhaps just as good as the prospect of short term snowfall is the fact that temperatures through the rest of the week will remain quite cold, and there is also the possibility of more snow by the end of the weekend. This second storm will, more likely than not, stay too far off the coast to bring much snow to the mountains. Instead, this time the snow will fall along the coast.

With all of this new natural snow in addition to great snowmaking weather, look for some fantastic skiing through the rest of the holiday.

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for