The snow has been falling over the past couple of weeks along the West Coast but the Sierra Nevada range has yet to get a big cold storm this ski season. That will change as a large area of low pressure is spinning down from the Gulf of Alaska, and it will stall off the coast of the Pacific NW funneling in copious amounts of moisture to the West Coast through the weekend.

Not only will there be several inches of precipitation but this is a cold storm that has picked up lots of cold air from the Gulf of Alaska and that will equate to several feet of snow. Snow levels will be down below the base of all the ski resorts. No one will be left out on this storm. Snow is already falling on the Washington Cascades and that will spread South to Oregon on Thursday and the Sierras on Friday.

By Sunday we should be looking at three to four feet of snow for the Cascades and Olympic ranges. Further Central and Southern Sierra will see several feet of snow but the big winner will be the Northern Sierra Nevada resorts that could pick up as much as six feet of snow by Monday. 

With a temporary break in the action on Tuesday, Christmas Day could be one for the record books with epic powder skiing all around. It won’t last long however as the next storm will be poised to bring more snow to the West Coast by next Wednesday. As of right now it appears that the storms could continue right into the New Year.

Bryan Allegretto is a Weather Forecaster for