A very active weather pattern across the Northeast will continue into the coming week. The storm that brought rain to a significant portion of the region will be slow to depart as we near the end of the workweek. Snow showers will make for some accumulating snowfall at the furthest northern resorts, and resorts at higher elevations.

On Friday, a new storm will approach the region. Exactly what happens with this system is still a bit up in the air at this point. With that said, the most-likely scenario will see the storm initially track up through the Great Lakes region early in the day on Friday. Then a secondary storm will begin to form just off of the Mid-Atlantic coastline, intensify, and move northward along the coast. Snow will initially fall over central and northern New England, however this new secondary storm will move right along the coastline or even slightly inland, allowing warm air to surge northward and change precipitation to plain rain over nearly the entire region. As the storm departs on Saturday, any remaining precipitation will change back over to snow as cold air begins to filter back in. Keep in mind that if the secondary storm tracks even 50 to 100 miles further off the coast there will be a big effect, in a good way, on how much snow falls and where that snow ends up falling.

Regardless of how that storm turns out, the coldest air so far this winter will come streaming down from Canada behind the storm on Saturday night and linger into early next week. This will allow resorts to resume snowmaking operations, with many doing so on a ‘round the clock basis. So even if this next storm does bring precipitation in the dreaded liquid form, look for plenty of new terrain to open up as we head into the holiday week thanks to the hardworking snowmakers across the Northeast!

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for OpenSnow.com.