The weather can’t get much better than what we’re seeing right now. Let’s talk about the storm that dropped feet of snow over the last week and then look ahead to Christmas and beyond.

During the week before Christmas, the weather pattern “flattened”, which meant that storms took a straighter west-to-east path across the west coast and Rockies. This is favorable for snow for most areas with plentiful moisture streaming off the Pacific Ocean yet cold enough temperatures to keep the moisture falling as light, fluffy snow. Steamboat saw more than three feet of snow in five days, and Colorado’s Monarch and Wolf Creek saw more than 50 inches during this storm. Locations from Montana to New Mexico saw plentiful snow which helped to open a great deal more terrain.

Looking ahead, many areas will see a break in the weather on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While I would never complain about consistent snow, it’s nice to have a few bluebird days to balance things out. However by Sunday a new storm moves east into the Rockies and this will be another big, slow-moving storm that should bring at least one to two feet of snow to many areas. The northern Rockies (Montana, Idaho and Wyoming) should see snow by Sunday night, Monday could be a snowy day in Utah, and Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona should see snow from Christmas Eve day through Christmas day. There’s nothing better than a white (powderlicious) Christmas!

Joel Gratz is a Meteorologist and the creator of