Although it doesn’t appear that there will be any significant shots of unseasonably cold air coming soon, temperatures will return to more typical readings for this time of year over the next week. This will mean that resorts will be able to resume snowmaking efforts at night, especially those located in the central and northern parts of the Northeast.

As far as storm activity is concerned, it will be very quiet through the end of the weekend. There will be a chance of some snow showers on Saturday as a weak storm passes by to the north of the region. Because of this track and the weak nature of the storm, only the northern reaches of the region will see any of those snow showers. Locations such as Jay Peak and Stowe that often see mountain-enhanced snow showers will be the only resorts that have a chance at any accumulating snowfall. Even there, any accumulations will be kept to a few inches at most.

Things should get more interesting next week though. In fact, there could be several storms that affect a large portion of the region next week. If these storms take the right track, there will be just enough cold air in place for snow to fall over a large area. Monday will be the first chance at widespread snowfall, as a storm moves into the Mid-Atlantic and then transfers storm energy off the coast before intensifying and moving north. As is always the case when looking more than five days into the future, nothing is set in stone right now. One thing is for sure though: the weather pattern over the next week is looking much more wintry! 

Brian Clark is a Meteorologist for