Eldora is now smoke-free, and promoting a smoke-free environment similar to policies at other Colorado resorts. Marketing Director Rob Linde said Eldora put the policy in place because of complaints they had received. “I think the complaints were primarily from people who don’t smoke, about the smoke filtering into the buildings, particularly on the decks and outdoor spaces that are close to the buildings.”

The new policy at Eldora does not allow smoking in lift lines, mazes, on lifts, or within 15 feet of decks and buildings around the resort.

“There’s nothing worse than riding up the lift and enjoying the beautiful outdoors, and the guy on the chairlift in front of you is smoking a cigarette,” said Linde.

The folks at Arapahoe Basin agree, as they also maintain a smoke-free chairlift and lift maze.

At Winter Park, Communications Coordinator Rachel Anderson says, “Right now, we follow the same policies as outlined by Colorado Law. Employees are not allowed to smoke in uniform.” Winter Park also prohibits smoking in lift lines and on chairlifts.

There is a Smoke-Free Steamboat ordinance in effect. “In the interest of the health and wellness of our staff and guests, and to support the “Smoke-Free Steamboat” ordinance, Steamboat Ski Resort is a smoke-free resort, with a designated smoking area located around the corner from Edgeworks outside, past the restrooms. Steamboat Ski Resort has established a policy of no smoking on chairlifts or the Gondola, in lift lines, and in our base area to create a smoke-free environment.” That’s from Steamboat’s Public Relations Manager, Loryn Kasten.

Eldora employees are enforcing the new ban by politely asking people not to smoke. Signs are also around the resort. “We really don’t have any established recourse. So far, everyone has been very understanding. I’m sure if a guest was a repeat offender, we would pull their lift ticket.”

Linde adds the reaction has been very good and very positive. “I think it is the sign of the times and the present and the future. Most businesses and work establishments also have rules about smoking so most people who do not choose to smoke are used to those kinds of rules.”

Linde adds that Eldora is in the business of promoting a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. “I think that a lot of people who come up here want to breathe the fresh air rather than someone else’s second-hand cigarette smoke.”

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